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Thread: KU in the US

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    Hey guys, I was wonderng what you think about the probabilty of KU being used in the US. What part of the country do you think it would first come to? Should we be concerned about it? Wonder what RadarRoy has to say about it.

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    This is a horse that has been beaten near-death. I don't feel like hunting down every thread that's brought it up, but I'll give you the jist of what usually ends up being said here:

    1. Ku has been approved for use by the FCC, but no gun maker has taken advantage of it yet, and the stories of it being "a few months away" seem to always end up being wrong, or the gun's development gets sidetracked, whatever.

    2. Ku is much closer to X-band on the spectrum than it is to K, so much so that at least a couple of us here have wondered aloud why it isn't referred to as "Xa band" instead. The advantage of this (for us) is that Ku is very, very easy to detect. Any gun using the new band would have to be extremely low-powered and instant-on, probably with a short range, to be effective.

    3. The only real advantage Ku-band presents law enforcement over K or Ka is that the vast majority of current detectors aren't programmed to detect it (though some of the newest models are being programmed to). The infamous Brand X sees Ku as such a minute threat that their new top-end detector doesn't even pick it up, despite the fact that some of their current offerings do.

    In fact, considering that even Cobra has supposedly taken out a patent for a detector that picks up Ku, I think Ku's advantage may already be wiped out. The RX-65, V995, and V1 all pick it up standard, and the X50 can be programmed to by Escort. Considering that the band's main plus (most detectors can't read it) is already being countered, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Ku-band guns never find any major contracts in the U.S. market, with law enforcement agencies choosing to buy instant-on Ka guns or LIDAR instead.




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