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    The Kustom Signals Raptor yet? I spotted a local PD with one earlier this week, I don't think it was on, as I had no alerts from the V1 while pacing him in traffic, but the product advertises small antenna and low power
    The Raptor features a waterproof display that is separable from the counting unit and a new 3 square by 1.5 thin waterproof K-band antenna. This high performance low power system reduces the current draw without reducing performance.
    which makes me think this may be a very hard system to detect.

    Kustom Signals - Police Lidar & Radar, Video Surveillance, Speed Monitoring & Detection Devices

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    Interesting find, I wonder how hard it really is to detect

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    “I was using the radar today in the stationary mode and tracking the same targets with the Directional Golden Eagle and a ProLaser III lidar. I was picking up targets (light traffic conditions) at 2000 to 2500 feet with no problem. The Raptor was picking up targets approaching from the front and tracking them as they went into a dip (and out-of-sight.) The range was great! The Raptor’s performance was quite adequate for typical traffic conditions. It’s a versatile radar and the single greatest feature is the ability to have the front antenna set in one mode (moving-opposite direction) and the rear antenna in a different mode (moving-same direction). The directional capability is great and makes a huge difference in both the stationary modes and moving modes. The signal tracking graphic (DuraTrak) is a great, visual tool to help ensure you have a valid track on a potential speeder and definitely helps identify the correct target.”
    Another LEO who uses laser/radar at the same time.
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    There is a local PD near me that uses those. I have had no problems picking them up with the V1.



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