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Thread: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

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    Default Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    Hello All,

    I live in NS Canada and i know there are not a lot of reports from this area so i decided to switch my Rx65 to see the bands. Most of the Cops use KA 24.X Band but some still use k band as well.

    Well today out of no ware there was a Ka 32.XXX and the cop was right there, giving me no warning to slow down. I thought that maybe he turned on the gun once he seen me but it happened again a few hours later. I was not aware of cops using Ka 32.X bands and i am unsure what the difference is. All i know is if i was speeding he would of had me.

    Has anyone have and ideas of the difference between 24 and the 32 bands?

    The reason why I don’t have the 3 digits after the 24 is it happened so quickly I did not catch it.
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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    I think 24.... is K band.

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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    everyware i read shows me that 24.XX is K but my Rx65 shows all ka at 24 and 32.

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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    24.XXX is k band and are you sure about the 32.XXX? Ka is 33.400-36.000
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    it could of been 34.XX it happen so fast i only got a split seccond to read it. either way its kinda scaring the **** out of me as i have had two sightings in one day. Both were under cover cars

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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    Quote Originally Posted by v1user View Post
    I think 24.... is K band.
    Correct. I would continue observing your radar detector more closely to see what the frequency numbers are. None of the frequency numbers you gave us fall in the Ka frequency range.

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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    Yea i will do that, i have a paper here someware with the X k and KA sightings from the first week i had the RX installed. Let me see if i can find it!

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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    cant find it so i am gonn got for a drive and see if i can find a cop lol

    back in a bit

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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    Happy hunting.

    (Where are the cops when you need em, hey?!)

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    Default Re: Ka 24.X Vs 32.X

    Hello all,

    So I hit a cop again this morning and it was Ka 34.717. The issue I guess is why am I not getting a good warring

    This is the 3rd time in two days so I am assuming they are upgrading their guns as I know for a fact that it use to be
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