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    Default Detection under different conditions

    I was curious what types of alerts one should expect based off different day conditions...i.e day versus night. Like should i expect more laser during the day as opposed to night time?

    or if there are any differences with rain, etc?

    Sorry, I dont know if this is a dumb question or not...but was just curious

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    Default Re: Detection under different conditions

    Day and night there should be no difference, other than that there are (usually) fewer cops out at night.

    Rain can reduce radar detection range, especially on Ka band.

    Laser can be used day or night, and in the rain (with current-generation guns), though most LEOs prefer not to use it in the rain, because they don't want to be getting soaked while handing out tickets. If it's raining fairly steadily (not just a drizzle), the raindrops may scatter the laser beam, making it easier to detect.
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    Default Re: Detection under different conditions

    High humidity also tends to come between the radar source and you.



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