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    Default looking to trade in the old cobra

    Hey i bought a cobra real cheap the other day 60 bucks for a XRS 9690. Im looking on selling it and getting something other than cobra for around 100-120 dollars since everyone seems to say that cobras are P.O.S. i know thats not a lot of $ to play with but i dont belive in my area i need such an andvance unit. whats the best choice i can go with?
    South texas area lots of expressway and interstate speed driving.
    i would apreciate the help, thanks.
    if i can sell the cobra for mor i looking at around 150$ to spend on new one.
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    Default Re: looking to trade in the old cobra

    The cheapest RD I can recommend is the Escort 8500. Get them for $150 refurbed form Escort themselves off of fleabay. The GF's will be arriving today.

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    Default Re: looking to trade in the old cobra

    PM sent

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    Default Re: looking to trade in the old cobra

    Exactly what part of Texas are you in, or do you travel through?

    Another option would be the Whistler Pro-78SE. That and the 8500 are the best ones that are around your price range. Another one that you could get for $120 (with a little Googling) would be the Whistler Pro-78 (Non-SE), which is also an excellent detector.

    Another note, Whistler's customer service is superb, which matters a lot too.

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    Default Re: looking to trade in the old cobra

    The XTR-690 as well. Same detector hardware as the Pro78 but with a blue display instead of red, usually goes for a little less.

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    Default Re: looking to trade in the old cobra

    I'd recommend either the Whistler 690, 695, pro 78, 690SE, 695SE, Pro 78SE or the Escort 8500 refurb. All of them are great detectors. Can't go wrong with any of these choices. If you are in an area with every heavy traffic I'd go with the 8500. If not, you can go with any of these. The SE series will do better against quick trigger instant on. So you have your advantages and disadvantages between these detectors. Good luck.

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    If you plan on driving on the interstates such as 45 and 10, then you will need a RD that is good and QT. I recommend a Whistler Pro 78SE. TX DPS is a big fan of QT Ka 34.7 so you need a RD that can sniff out those short QT shots.



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