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    Default Purpose of a remote display?

    Ok so I'm new to this community, take it easy on me!

    I do not own a RD any more; I had one about 13 years ago. How much things change!
    Technology is amazing.

    I've been reading many posts now and I'm having a hard time understanding the significance of a remote display. Its seems many members go though a lot of work to conceal the display only, not the entire box.

    However, with window tint and the RD display "dim" feature I have hard time seeing the lights of a RD in vehicles I pass or drive next to. I never have an issue seeing the black box sitting around the mirror/visor or on the dash.

    It just seems like a lot of effort to go though to conceal the device indicators when the "box" is easier to spot.

    What am I missing?

    Can one use "remote sensors" placed on the dash/back of the rear view mirror and back window; place the device (black box) out of line of sight... or then use a remote display.

    Does such a device exist?

    School me please!

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    in my opinion a box is just that a box, it could be anything from a gps unit to a IPASS system. But a box saying Ka or K band and displaying a bar graph is much more indicative it what it is.

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    Some RD's mount in the grill and are totally hidden and need a remote display.
    My Escort is next to the RVM and the remote display is on the steering column so when I glance down at my speed (after an alert) I can see if it is still alerting. The Rd has auto mute.

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    It's night driving that broadcasts your RD to other people. That's the only time I use my CD.

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    I would not drive without mine. I have a blue X50 and a V1 mounted very high and hardwired. With the visor down you can't see either of them standing outside. A concealed display puts the info in line of sight and out of the sight of others. Bad thing about all of them is the mute button is on the CD so if you mount them in the display or on the column you see them fine but can't use the remote mute. So now you need a remote mute button to really make the RD usefull. I have some pics of mine in my sig.

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    i think your chances of getting break is a lot better if the officer doesn't see a RD right in the middle of your windshield. i have a used a V1 with hidden display for many years and it does help when u do get caught

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    Quote Originally Posted by walkingindec View Post
    What am I missing?
    It's a must-have in a car like mine (convertible).

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    To further stealth my V1 (hardwired high) and CD (by the instrument cluster) I went ahead and added a remote audio adapter by the center console. With both volumes off on the V1, I can mute, change modes, change visual alert locations and adjust both volumes at the adapter without any noticeable movement. Add a kill switch and you’re done.


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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    I almost always use my concealed display, even during the day. I have my V1 hardwired high above the rearview mirror. and it's easy to see at night if it goes off. but i keep the CD on because if a police car is behind me, he wont see any lights on the V1, and won't know what it is. Someone thought it was a GPS once (eh?).

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    Default Re: Purpose of a remote display?

    Hey all.
    Thanks for all the good info.

    Those of you that use tint, what minimum percentage do I need?

    Also, has anyone heard of disassembling a RD and mounting the sensors separate?



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