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    Default Question about GPS enabled RDs

    Ok, so maybe this has been answered elsewhere, but here goes.

    So it is my understanding that GPS enabling allows reduction of false hits, presumably as you drive by your neighborhood Walgreen's with a K-band door opener, it figures out, 'hey, I keep seeing this K-band signal in the same place, I will filter it'.

    But do they also have the ability to disable K-band entirely when you are on the interstate ? I am in an area where surface streets are patrolled by K and Ka band enabled patrol cars. The interstate is Ka only, but I still get false K-band hits from junk adjacent to the freeway. Seems to me the GPS would know you are on an interstate and be able to selectively disable other bands, until you exit.

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    Default Re: Question about GPS enabled RDs

    No. You're left with the option to manually turn off K band until you get back to surface streets and manually turn it back on.

    I don't understand why you don't want to just leave the GPS and AutoLearn on? It'll remember the nearby 'junk' and lock it out.



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