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    Default radar detect help!!!

    i come here for help.
    my boss gived me some radar data. it contains: the number, the distance,the snr of each echo in each angle. he ask me to detect the object.

    i am a green hand in this radar field. who can tell which type of paper i should read. who can give me example ?

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    Default Re: radar detect help!!!


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    Default Re: radar detect help!!!

    Hmm... well you may get some help on that here, but don't count on it. This forum is more for the topic of radar detector devices. The kind you would put in a car to detect police using a radar gun to get other vehicles speed. Not for analyzing actual radar return data.


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    Default Re: radar detect help!!!

    You could try to GOOGLE it and you might come up with this stuff:

    or some other paper on how to analyze the radar return. Good luck.



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