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    Question On The Fence

    Valentine or STI-Driver, And reasons for your choice?

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    Valentine One

    1. I'm a zombie

    2. Arrows. No more searching around for the source.

    3. Best I/O and QT detection available. You'll need this against DPS.

    4. Bogey Counter

    5. Ramp Up. Best in the industry.

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    If you really need complete invisibility from detection, including VG-2 and Spectre then get the STI/Driver.
    Never used the V1 so I can't comment on it, they say it's great for the highway and noisy in the city.

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    Since RD's are not illegal in TX, you don't really need the invisibility of the STI - Driver

    I own both units, the STI Driver on AutoScan almost always picks up Ka 2 seconds before the V1 on little L, but the V1 ALWAYS picks up K band first. They're both amazing units, but if i could only have one, i'd stick with the V1, the arrows are nice.

    the Driver falses a lot less than the V1. but with X band off, the V1 rarely falses for me now.

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    For those that don't need the Spectre invisibility, the STi is basically an X50 with a little extra sensitivity. For Texas, the only real plus for the STi over the V1 is spec(tech) mode, while the V1 has lots of advantages over the STi. V1 for sure.

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    if you can only have 1 and you live outside VA then V1.

    Arrows, I/O sensativity, QT and bogey counter. The STi only has stealth in it's corner.
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    If you already have a 9500ix, I would go with a V1. I really like my Belscort RD's, and the STi is nice. But if your into RD's a V1 is a must, to have in the collection it's really the benchmark all other RD's are compared to.
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    V1 all the way!



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