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    Default Installing a 9500ci yourself.

    It's recommended you find a professional to install it, but I'm curious. Exactly how difficult is it?

    If I buy a new car within the next year or two, I'm considering a 9500ci if I can afford it and I might be open to installing it myself.

    Anyone here done it?

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    Default Re: Installing a 9500ci yourself.

    It takes time but no very hard. Just have to plan your wire routing and depending on the vehicle may have to dremel away some space in the grill.
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    Default Re: Installing a 9500ci yourself.

    It's not bad, just take your time.

    2 issues I've run into. Newer FWD (my 500 was the worst) don't have any access holes through the firewall to run wires. I had to drill a hole from engine bay to cowl area and then I could follow a harness inside. Not a big deal, but I remember in the past there would be plenty of firewall penetrations to use. I'm guessing this change is to eliminate noise.

    2. Drilling to mount sensors. Newer vehicles are using some extremely hard metal for the bumpers (not the plastic bumper you see, but the metal struture behind it that is actually for a crash). Thats the place to mount on many vehicles, but on some it takes some time (and a few drill bits) to drill through it.

    The rest is a piece of cake.

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    Default Re: Installing a 9500ci yourself.

    For one person it would take a full day for a basic install. A more sophisticated install can take longer.



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