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    Default Another terrible install...

    I noticed this in my neighbor's car today.

    I couldn't tell exactly what kind of detector it was, but I could certainly tell that it was pointing backwards (sorry for the crummy cameraphone pic and the difficult reflection...)

    I ran into him a few minutes later and I told him that his "new" radar detector (new in the sense that I hadn't noticed it in his car before, not new as in recent...) was mounted incorrectly.

    He's an older guy so he asked me if I'd put it up the way it was supposed to go. I attached it to the front of the visor and cautioned him that his radar detector was very old and not likely to be of much use to him. It was an old Whistler "tri-band capable!!!" model from the late 80s or early 90s according to him.

    He's not exactly protected now, but at least the thing is pointing in the correct direction...

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    Default Re: Another terrible install...

    Regarding your photograph: "Can't see sh!t, Captain!"

    Not only does your neighbor have little protection against RADAR/LIDAR guns, he's got a theft-magnet with a big dangling cord right there in plain view of every would-be thief that happens by. He's going to have a $500 window smashed over a RD worth $5. Not to mention the next cop that pulls him over is going to give him a ticket for sure when he sees that "intent to speed" device sitting out in plain view.

    That setup is fail in every possible sense.

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    Default Re: Another terrible install...

    haha poor guy. I looked at some windshields and seen some pretty hideous installs and RD's...makes me feel that much more protected =)

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    Default Re: Another terrible install...

    I saw a bad install or lack there of this afternoon on my way to work. It was in a F150 pickup. The RD was set in the dashboard "sunglasses" bin. The little indentation on top of the dashboard. Looked like a Cobra no less.
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    Default Re: Another terrible install...

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    Default Re: Another terrible install...

    Quote Originally Posted by TRun View Post

    Those ain't even fun.........




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