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    Default Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    Im new here so Hello. I need help picking my first RD. I was driving from ATL, GA (heading back to Gainesville, Fl) and got pulled over during "93" in a 70 zone and Im driving back to ATL on FRIDAY so I think im going to purchase an RD and watch my speed a little bit. But I rather be safe than sorry!

    -It will only be used for highway
    -Price IS a factor (Im a college student )
    -As well as I need it by Friday, if I decide to buy (which is very likely)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    How affordable? In many cases you're better off saving now and then spending a little bit more later for a top tier detector.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    23 over the PSL is not something for the budget minded, period. At those speeds you're going to need countermeasures, especially since the metro Atlanta area is mostly laser. If you're sticking to the highways get a CB at the very least to go with the RD.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    Your best countermeasure is situational awareness and proper driving. Use rabbits, watch for brake lights ahead, slow down near known speed traps or places where cops would logically hide (over hills, under overpasses)

    Best budget detectors IMO are a refurb Escort 8500 or a Bel V955.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    for that drive I recommend a CB has saved me many times look around craigslist for one. as for a detector I would recommend a refurb 8500 which is 150. I am also doing that same drive but around atlanta it is all laser so you need a laser jammer for that. What type of car do you drive

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    A Bel Vector 955 or maybe a Whistler 690SE are two of the lowest priced, but still dependable detectors. You don't want to got too low, or your just wasting money.

    Check your private messages also.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    I didn't mean to go 23 over I usually drive 80-85, so 10-15 over PSL. I don't make this drive too often, so under $200 and if possible under $150.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    There are no cheap, effective countermeasure setups for Atlanta. You need a good laser jammer and a decent RD.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    Unfortunately, you're in about the hardest part of the country to get by with a "budget" setup. Atlanta uses lots of laser, and not much else. No radar detector will consistently save you from laser hits--they're very focused beams that lock your speed almost instantly, unlike the wide radar beam that can be left on for a long time by a lazy officer.

    If budget is a necessity, then here are my suggestions:

    1. Get yourself an Escort Passport 8500 X50. New or refurbed, no big deal. As a starving college student, I was able to save up 300 bones for a brand new one in 2005--you can get a refurb from Escort's eBay store for $200 now. I actually prefer the red display to the blue. The red can be seen just fine in any light, but unlike blue, it can actually be difficult to see from behind at night.

    2. Stay within 10 of the limit in Atlanta. Once you're out of the metro area on 75, you're not going to see much laser again until the Florida border (I used to live down there and take the 75 to Valdosta and Atlanta frequently). As an added bonus, Georgia's state police will not pull you over until you're exceeding the limit by 11mph or more (I think they legally can't, but don't quote me on that. All I know is that they won't.) If the sign says 55 and you're doing 65, you're more or less in the clear. Even in Florida, you won't see much laser on the 75. Just stay far, far away from Waldo, Lawtey and Starke. Hell, stay off all the backroads until you have to get off the 75 and head into Gainesville. Not that I have to remind you of this, but all those little towns down there are ticket factories, and they're constantly trying to annex the surrounding area so they can set up welcoming committees in unexpected areas.

    If you can't spring for a jammer, just play it safe in Atlanta, and open up a bit once you're clear of the county line.

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    Default Re: Affordable HIGHWAY RD

    I got caught in Ashburn, Ga. Aka small town. Im calling tomorrow morning to find out how much. I have read quite a bit about the highway patrol in this area this evening, its a scam. When I head back to Atl I think Im going to stop by the cashiers office and see if I can bring it down some.

    Any tips on getting it down?



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