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    Default ReFlash the RX75 Plus

    Hi fellows

    I have a Bel RX75 Plus detector. In Switzerland we have laser systems which are sending a infrared laser beam i guess between 840 and 880 nm (..unfortunately the V1 can recognise them). So, my Bel istnít able to see this devices...and this is really fatal...:-(

    Is it possible to reprogram, reflash the RX75, and widen the laser range ???

    Instead 904 +-33nm maybe 840 til 960nm.

    In my point of view this should be possible. When can this little cutie be tuned up ???

    Thanks for your answer....

    MG Switzerland.

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    Although I don't know for sure about the RX-75, it is my understanding that many of the detectors are limited in laser bandwidth by a spectral filter which is integrated as part of the photodiode. So I would be surprised if this could be manipulated at all by flashing the firmware. You should contact the manufacturer and ask.


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    Default ReFlash the RX75 Plus

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for explaning.....that really could pe possible...:-( I tried to write Beltronics, maybe to the customer support or to a technician.

    BUT....I couldn't find any email's unbelievably....on the whole site no email address....

    Question to you: Have you an valid email address from Beltronics in Canada ??



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    Call them on their 1-800 number, that way they can't ignore you...

    maybe call Target?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmaartAasSaabr
    Call them on their 1-800 number, that way they can't ignore you...

    maybe call Target?
    or walrmart lma0



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