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    Hey everyone,

    New to the forum, not to the world of radar detectors, but I don't know 1/10th of what most of you know. I have used Escort products for about 15 years now, but looking to move up to a "stealthy" not windshield system, so obviously the 9500ci was the way I was going to go, but after much research I realize there are MUCH better laser shifters/jammers especially with my plan to place the system on an e92//M (I have read that having to set-up the horizontal jamming heads down by the mesh grille further reduces the abilities of the system).

    So, rather than spend 1500 on a system which half of which I won't use, would it make more sense to go with the Qi45 and a good jammer like Blinder or LI? Or is the 9500ci radar detection abilities night and day better than that of the Qi45? I know Tru Lock and other features of the 9500 are not found on the Qi45, but I am talking about sensitivity and ability to tell me that Leo is right around the corner.

    Thanks in advanced, and sorry if the post was to lengthy or my questions just suck.


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    I think the qi45 uses an M4 antenna while the 9500ci uses an M3 which is much more sensitive. (The M3 is basically 2 antennas in one housing.)

    If you want the best escort has to offer in remote detection I'd look at the 9500ci.

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    The Beltronics STi-R has been discontinued and is selling for about 50% of what is was selling for originally (going in the $550-$600 range currently). It has the same antenna (M3) as the 9500ci, so you wouldn't be giving up anything in sensitivity. It's an Escort product of course (Escort owning Beltronics).

    You could add a good laser jammer system and even get something like the Cheetah 50 if you want GPS warning capability for speed cameras, etc.
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    Thanks for the information and replies guys, really appreciate it.




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