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    Default Whistler 945 wideband 2.6

    A friend gave me a Whistler 945 wideband 2.6. It looks pretty old-school and theres not much about it on the internet. I havent mounted it yet, but so far anytime I move it, It goes off and gets pretty annoying. Will it still do this when mounted and stable. Theres a mute button on it but it doesnt seem to be muting very well. It has VG-2 and city options on it. I'm new to radar detectors but Im starting to do some reasearch as I write this. Any advice appreciated.

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    Default Re: Whistler 945 wideband 2.6

    It's a fairly old (about 2002) discontinued model, I wouldn't recommend using it for anything but city. Info here: Whistler Model Specification Look up

    I found a video that shows it's useless against K band photo radar, but that doesn't really say much. I would imagine its K band performance is pretty rubbish, and Ka band worse. Check out some of the new Whistler SE models if you want a good budget detector, things have come a long way since 2002.
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    Send it in to Escort for an $80 trade-in-credit and get yourself something you can trust.

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