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    Default LEO Radar 'range' question

    A week ago on my way through Nevada, I encountered an I/O Ka hit from a LEO going opposite direction.

    He was about 600 feet ahead when the detector alerted, with a center median separation of about 75 yards. However, the highway in that spot has a grade/slope between the East-West lanes. I'm guessing I was about 20 feet LOWER than he was. I was curious if the on board radar in police vehicles can look 'down' on a target, or if there is some 'floor' where it won't get a reading.

    So, although my detector went to full alert, I'm not sure if I even showed up on his display. (Anyway, I was driving PSL at the time so not a ticket situation).

    Does anyone know about this?

    Also, what is the practical horizontal separation for a reading? Along I-80, there are areas where the East-West separation grows to up to nearly a quarter mile.
    Seems to me that is out of range for an opposite direction reading.

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    Default Re: LEO Radar 'range' question

    It's hard to say about your specific encounter, however in my experience with radar, it can get readings easily even with extreme off-axis shots, on the periphery of the cone.

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