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    Default I saw a post saying some PA departments can't use radar?

    Is this post true "part being some local police departments can't use radar"

    When an officer receives training for using time/distance detection equipment (VASCAR, Accutrak, etc.), is there a minimum distance recommended for effective use?

    My son's science fair project is a demonstration of VASCAR, used in Pennsylvania by most local departments since they are not permitted to use RADAR. I'm setting up a computer simulator to allow the viewer to see what it's like to time vehicles and establish error margins.

    I initially taped videos of different cars travelling a course of 100' marked by two milk jugs. But that distance seems way too short, hence my question. I sent an email to the manufacturer, but haven't heard back yet. I'm hoping they list a minimum distance in their manual that he can use.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Oh boy, well I will take a crack at this since back some years ago I had read up on this but my memory is bit fogy.

    If I remember correct the manufacturer of VASCAR Plus did state in their manual they didnt reccommend measuring speeds over 25mph in less than 150ft. (I am trying to remember the speed and distance from along time ago and I may be off with them). Now there is nothing in the manual to stop an officer from measuring speed below these reccommendations since they are only reccommendations. I dont know if this informatin is still printed in the current manual but back 15-20 years ago it was atleast reccommended. I live in PA and most of the local police clock in shorter diatances.



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