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    Default Nasty K-band false

    I usually run with K-band off, but I discovered that a few local yahoos (Sheriffs) run K-band on the interstate in Utah during holiday periods. So this time I had K-band enabled. I started getting a K-band alert in the open desert. I figured it must be a LEO as there's nothing else around. I sometimes get a fleeting K-band false from a passing car with a Cobra on board, but this alert was steady and moderate.

    I drove for several miles and it kept increasing, but no LEO in sight. WTF? This went on for about 10 minutes and then the detector was at full alert for a mile or so until I figured what was the culprit. Some highway maintenance crew was towing a K-band sign in the back of their rig, tucked behind a tail gate and not easily seen, as it was stored laying flat. As I passed it, I could see the sign was still turned on.

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    Default Re: Nasty K-band false

    speed sign to go what will they think of next?

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    I've had that happen. In IL they put radar on the portable Construction signs with the text. I was coming around a curve on the Tollway and then just full blast K band. Slowed down and got around the curve and saw the guy setting up the sign in the Center median

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    I normally run k band off in built up areas.. leave it on long country runs.



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