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    Default *UPDATED Did I get owned by quick trigger?? *UPDATED

    OK... this will be a slightly long post... because i'm going to tell everything that happened.... It was about 10 at night. I was travelling northbound on a two lane road, and I was the only vehicle on this part of the road. I know for a fact that the officer I encountered has a vehicle mounted radar unit, because i encounter him often running constant on radar while moving. So I get pulled over, and the 9500i never makes a sound. The Leo walks up to my car... and without me having said anything ... goes into a strangely long.... and detailed explanation of how he got me... this is what he said.

    "Im here running handheld radar, I was shooting east and west. I saw you approaching from the north. I visually estimated your speed to be 40 in a 30. I then locked you in on the radar at 43".

    The leo was no more than 200 ft from me when he would have had to have clocked me.

    1) He has a vehicle mounted radar.... why would he be using handheld?
    2) why the unusually long, detailed explanation that was not asked for??
    3) Did he even get me on radar?... was he lying??? I mean... if he was lying... I'd really have no way to know.
    4) do you all think maybe it was qt???

    I really need input here. I am questioning my detectors ability to detect instant on.

    I really feel that he may have been lying......but please ... everyone.... let me know your opinions
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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    Hi -are you sure he said the word handheld "RADAR"?

    even so, given that handheld radars arent exactly super directional, there's little need for one when you have a kustom eagle or whatever on the car - unless shooting perpendicular to the car?

    pounds to peanuts, he used a LIDAR gun on you, from close qtrs, you wouldnt expect the detector to go off.

    the long talk sounds like what he's been told to say - recorded converstaion perhaps? if it was daytime I'd be suspicious that he's estimated your speed, didnt get a reading, but knows that someone who was, will take it on the chin - nightime - must be heaps harder to estimate speed with only lights approaching you - still betting lidar.

    BTW - plenty of people and I would include LEO's - understand radar to mean speed measuring - they dont make the distinction between a radio device and a light device
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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    100% chance it was a lidar gun. Did you get a ticket? It would say what he used on there most likely.

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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedUp View Post
    100% chance it was a lidar gun. Did you get a ticket? It would say what he used on there most likely.

    He said "radar".... not only that.... I have NEVER seen or heard of lidar being used in my town.

    On the ticket.... he checked the box saying speed was obtained by radar....... but there is no box for lidar
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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    A lot of LEO's don't know the difference between radar and lidar. I've talked to several that think lidar is radar.

    The big question is how accurate was his reading? were you actually doing 43? If so I doubt he was lying and either used QT or laser.
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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    There is a group of LEOs that think that LIDAR and RADAR are the same thing.

    They are right in a sense as it is different wavelengths of light energy. But...

    I say this because I was speaking with their "RADAR training officer" and he calls laser radar. I was working at the site for another reason and was driving my car instead of the company vehicle and he saw my RD and was telling me how useless it was and we were discussing this new kind of "radar" that can't be beat. After a few minutes of telling him he had no idea what he was talking about I left him thinking he was right as I wasn't gunna tell him I had laser countermeasures

    BTW this was in southern NM

    So it could be "RADAR".

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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    I just have a some of questions.
    1. How old was the cop, was he a cop or a trooper, was the area where you were seen speeding near a hill or was it flat, if you know what band radar to they run in that area?

    I bet he was young.

    I truly do not think he got you based on what you have said. When you said that he walked up to you and just stated talking is kinda what is leading me to think he was full of it. If you would have said a trooper I would have said that he is more then likely being honest.

    The other part of it being 10 at night I would guess that his shift was almost up. I would be curios what time his shift was over, unless they work 12 hour shifts or he was on a swing shift. I have a funny feeling not.Or was he working overtime.
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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    HIGHLY doubt he was lying. Officers can and do make mistakes but VERY seldom outright lie, especially over something like a speeding ticket.

    Willing to bet LASER.

    Most of the time when an officer uses instant on radar and the target vehicle shows a speed that they are going to pull over they will leave it on to get a TRACKING history. Very unlikely that an Officer QT's you and doesn't turn the radar back on for a confirmation.

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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    Can't say for sure unless I was sitting next to the LEO. I'd monitor this LEO closely though whenever you see him.

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    Default Re: Did I get owned by quick trigger??

    If the radar hand gun was MPH, it was pop. If the hand gun was stalker with a quick shot, 1/2 of a second, your radar detector may not pick it up. I would trade back and get the V1 3.872.



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