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    Default Types of Radars in Egypt (and counter measures)

    This post is not a question, rather it is for informatory purposes. A number of people posted questions on the past on what radar detectors to buy in Egypt, with a wealth of incorrect information on the bands in use here.

    This is a list of the most common speed enforcement technologies in use in Egypt as of Feb 2010 to the best of my knowledge :

    1. Multanova 6F
    The beige coloured bulky devices that look like rocket launchers and are used by cops hiding behind trees or concrete blocks, with a road block a mile down the road that gets you. Most commonly used on ring roads and desert roads. These operate on 34.3 MHz ka narrow. Alex desert road uses these

    There are fixed photo-radar boxes exclusively on 6th Oct Mehwar that also use the same radar with a camera. Only 2 of the 5 boxes are ever active in my experience, and they get you at >100 km/hour. Bel 966, Bel 990/550 and V1 in Euro mode are the best for these, Bel Sti works ok, but disable all Ka frequencies except 34.3.

    2. MultaRadar C
    This is the newest radar in their arsenal, it is very stealthy and almost impossible to detect with most detectors. It operates on K band 24.1 MHz. I have seen those on Cairo Suez Road (near Rehab) and Cairo Ismailia Road (opposite Shorouk) and on the Maadi-Nasr City Ring road. MO is similar to 6F (hide behind trees). I still have not figured out how to detect these buggers. These are very expensive units so am hoping they wont get too many of them.

    3. Laser Guns
    These are only used in the Red sea province, and are almost always 3 or 4 Kms before the fixed police check points. Some are also in use in Hurghada ring roads, and I know of one they sometimes use in the road between the airport and sheraton area under the bridge. You cannot detect a laser till it is too late, so best evasive action is to slow down 10 Kms before the fixed check points (Ghareb, Zaafrana, Gouna) and on Hurghada ring road. Do not try to Jam these (Laser Jamers, diffusers..etc.), this might land you in jail.

    4. American-made K band radars with Cameras. These are used in patrol cars, are easy to detect (almost any detector will spot those), but they are not used too frequently. These are cheap, are "always on" and do not use the modern POP technology.

    5. Pot Pourri
    These are the older obsolete detectors, and they usually K band, but I have seen at least one X band still in use on Cairo Alex Agriculture road. Almost any detector will get these. They are mostly used in the delta area along the agriculture roads.

    I hope the above info helps. I am working on the MultaRadar and will post any info once I have any. Be aware that Cops dont like detectors, and will confiscate them upon sight. Dont leave the bracket on the windshield or the cord in the cigarette lighter socket, those are clear tell tale signs. Good luck to all.
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    Default Re: Types of Radars in Egypt (and counter measures)

    Wow you guys have got the hamburger with the lot!



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