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    Default Stinger DSI Information???

    Has any body used this very expensive piece of kit and have any information to share?
    Apparentley it can be programed by your home PC, can it be programmed to pickup Ka wide (It pickups Ka narraw for multinovas)?
    It is stealth to Spectre 3 but does it leak any LO at all?
    It is supposed to erase it's radar detector ability at the touch of a button in case you are pulled over (I like this feature) and it has the ability to pick up laser with special license plate covers wich look totally stock.
    It is supposed to have a spectrum analyser function what range of frequencies can it scan?
    Is its antenna a planar array based antenna as claimed or just a normal horn?

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    It can only detect K band and Ka @ 34.3, and cannot be programmed for Ka Wide. Also nobody really seems to know why they use the term "spectrum analyzer" to describe it or what technology is behind it: spectrum analyzers are superhetrodyne with sweeping LOs just like regular radar detectors.




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