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    Default Another question for yall. (POP modes)

    Can someone describe the POP mode and why or why not it should be used? I found a few things on the net about it, but not what I was necessarily looking for. So, in layman's terms whats up with the POP mode feature and what is it's significance?

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    Default Re: Another question for yall. (POP modes)

    POP mode is a feature on a couple of MPH RADAR models that when put in that mode, the RADAR will transmit an extremely short burst, around 16 milli seconds. I think the other is 28 milli seconds but I can't remember exactly. It is designed to defeat RADAR detectors by being such a short burst that they won't detect it since a RD is essentially a scanner scrolling through the police RADAR frequencies.

    So far, most folks on here that I know of, will say don't worry too much about it since it isn't used very often. Not to say that you will never encounter it. It has been explained on here before that the operator's manual states that POP mode is to be used to sample traffic only. If POP shows a driver to be over the posted speed limit, the officer is suppose to use the RADAR in the more traditional way since POP mode can be inaccurate. Jimbonzz has explained this is because the burst is so short, the gunn diode will become unstable and the speed measurement can be inaccurate. I'm sure there are others on here that can explain it in much more detail. I can only explain it in knuckle dragging terms!
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    Default Re: Another question for yall. (POP modes)

    Very good answer fellow member! I may never see pop but I leave it on for faster alerts on K band I/O hits and 33.8 (MPH) on the V1 but it slows down the 34.7 (Stalker)and 35.5 (Kustom and Decatur) freqs.. The question is, does your locals use MPH (33.8)? On some RDs it may help for I/O and it might hurt response times on other bands. Do your research for your RD.
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    Default Re: Another question for yall. (POP modes)

    North Alabama is right... I believe I read a post on here (escort forum) that shows some results (with certain bands turned on and off) how Escort RD's faired (Redline). Scroll through these post and you will find your answer specific to your RD (Mundell22 has the post in Escort
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