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    Default Using Valentine one with Escort passport 8500 power cable

    I lost my V1 power cable, but I have an escort 8500 cable laying around.. Does it matter if I use the escor cable on my V1? should be the same no? it poweres on..

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    I was wondering the same thing. Also was wondering if the mute button on the cord would work for the V!.


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    I called Valentine, and the employee there told me that it will not work because escort uses 2 wire connectors instead of the valentine 4 wire connectors. I am not quite sure what that means, but the radar nontheless powers on with the escort cord.. perhaps its underpowered.

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    Default 4 wires

    Well the V1 rep was wrong, the Escort cable also has 4 wires

    However they are wired differently so they will not interchange with each other
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    Applying 12V power where 12V power doesn't belong always leads to bad things. Trust me.

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    Its interesting you asked this questions as I actually tested this.

    YES, the cable does power the V1 and NO the ability to change the settings of the V1 are adversely affected.

    In otherwords, simple power does work but being able to change from "A" to "l" or"L" does not.

    For those reasons, you'd be well advised to get a new cable from VR.

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