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    Default a quick question about zr4

    Hi, guys,
    i just link my zr4 to my 9500ix, since i think the zr4 alarm sounds too low, also i think the cord for 9500ix is soo anoying. so it looks much cleaner now.
    when i start my engine, i saw my 9500ix starts, blue words shows up.
    my zr4 starts also, the blue light was flashing for a second and then it checked front reveciver and rear reciver by flash yellow for another few seconds.
    the above are normal as usual.
    but after zr4 checking all the stuff. the blue light on the interface was totally gone. it looks like it does not have power. when i pull the wire linked to 9500ix, zr4 goes back to normal, when i replug the wire into 9500ix, the lights were gone again.
    while i turn zr4 (linked to 9500ix) on/off, there was nothing changed on 9500ix screeneither.
    is that normal? how can i tell if they already talk to each other?
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    Default Re: a quick question about zr4

    This is not the ZR4 section. This is the Radar Detectors-General section. Please choose your categories wisely.

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