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    Default What Radar Detectors should feature...

    Post your thoughts as to what radar detectors should have to make them more useful, effective or more user friendly.

    I think a nice feature would be to program false spots into the detector that way if it sees more than one threat it should alert, but if you program 1 false and it shows the 1 false programmed by GPS into the detector it wont alert. So basically it will only alert to 2 if you have programed 1 false into that area.

    Also the GPS/Radar detector should have warnings for towns and areas that are traffic enforcement hot spots or areas that have had sightings, these could either give an alert audibly, or visually or both depending on the choice of the user!!! Please read the last line. The areas should also be color coded based upon their threat level, Red being slow the hell down, to yellow meaning sometimes there is enforcement in that particular spot.

    Perhaps there should be an all in one integrated/upgradeable detector/GPS/laser jammer with repeater use alert and maybe some other useful features that I may have forgotten. So post your thoughts to my ideas, as well as your own.

    Andrew G.

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    USB Connection for easy upgrades.

    The ability to select what Ka Bands frequencies you want to scan...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattvr
    USB Connection for easy upgrades.

    The ability to select what Ka Bands frequencies you want to scan...



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