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Thread: Ka DB band?

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    Default Ka DB band?

    Where else would I bring this question but to this informed group.

    A friend's father is seeking RD info from me. He is told speed enforcement uses something on the Ka DB radar band.

    I can't find mention of it on the web, and in the few years I've hung out here, haven't heard of it here either.

    Anyone either know what this is, or what the radar threats are in Columbia?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Ka DB band?

    I never heard of it either, I'm going to say that it is the same thing that we see every day. A lot of people who are not as informed on this subject as we are can make things that have been around forever sound like new technology. One of my friends thought that laser was a new kind of secret military radar that the Jacksonville police were experimenting with.

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    Default Re: Ka DB band?

    I think he may have been referring to two separate things.

    Ka is a radar band, a frequency range alotted for use by police speed measurement. Ka is from 33.4 GHz to 36.0 GHz

    dB, decibel, is a measurement of signal strength. The sensitivity of a radar detector can be expressed in dBs (negative dBs actually). It is a logarithmic scale so slight differences in the value will mean a large difference in performance. We do not publish the dB test values of our detectors. Actually, I don't believe anyone does any longer.



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