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    Default Radar Speed Lock-In Question

    Okay, I am driving back from breakfast when I get a K band alert that grows to full strength for about half a mile. I slow way down and am totally fine; since, I got a long distance save with my 8500 x50.

    That said, the guy I just passed (before getting my save) decided to pass me again and drove out of my site and into the speed trap. Moments later I caught back up to him since he had stopped and was now a paying customer. The cop was already totally out of his car at the drvier-side window, yet his K-band radar still running. What does that mean? Did he lock in the speed or not?

    Is he even required to lock in the speed in SC?

    P.S. The sad thing is the speed he was traveling was plenty safe, and the speed limits are so artificially low I felt sorry for the guy but not sorry enough to pull in behind and tell the cop I was driving faster than his target.

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    Default Re: Radar Speed Lock-In Question

    i guess he got the speed and didnt waste time getting out of his car. prob just left the radar on for the stop. happens all the time

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    Default Re: Radar Speed Lock-In Question

    The officer probably did lock the speed in. I don't know if any of the installed RADAR's go into hold after locking the speed in. My Falcon and Talon will lock the speed and go into hold when the trigger is released. My Kustom HAWK, when I push the lock button, the RADAR continues to transmit. When I put it back into hold, the locked speed is erased. That officer might have been using an older RADAR.
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    Default Re: Radar Speed Lock-In Question

    Typically a dashmount radar will have separate buttons for xmit/hold and lock/release, usually on a remote unit easily accessible by the LEO while driving or running radar. Handheld radars with pistol grip triggers may use the trigger for both (pulled = transmit, release = lock). But for radars that work this way (like the Stalker ATR), there's generally another button that sets it to transmit continuously (C/O) and then the trigger switch only does lock/release of the speed.
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    Default Re: Radar Speed Lock-In Question

    locked and transmitting is the norm for dash mounted units. This establishes a tracking history. The radar units have a seperate display window for locked and target



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