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    Default Has anyone seen the laser detector thats out?

    I came across a site that had a laser detector. It was just a plain ol laser detector not a radar detector. Sold I belive in the UK, heres the site .

    <LINK REMOVED - jimbonzzz>

    This compact product will detect mobile laser speed traps from the front or rear of your car. With a range of up to 2 km an audible alarm and ultra bright LED will help preserve your licence. Brought to you by the makers of Road Angel.
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    yes they have been around for a while they are made by a company called blackspot!

    as of yet no one has tested theses for to see if they can give an advanced warning to laser, because unless they do its rather a waste of money unless you have veil and may have time to slow down before he gets a lock!

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    Default Blackspot

    Actually we are opening up the North America Division of Blackspot.

    We are in testing of the database at this very moment.

    We have in stock Road Angel / Road Angel Compact / and the Laser Detector you mention, if you need any information or pricing PM me.

    We are also looking for select people to have units for Data collection and confirmation.

    We have already over 1500 Camera Locations in north America.



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