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    Default Question about operating V1 & RL together

    I guess it's official, I am slowly becoming a fanatic Shortly after my RL purchase, I picked up a used V1 (v1.8) and love the arrow. I am planning on hardwire both of them, V1 on the left of the RVM and RL on the right of the RVM.

    Here are my Qs:

    1. Will they interfere with each other being place so close to each other?

    2. I have one hardwire kit, can I simply purchase a RJ11 splitter to distribute the 12v power?

    3. The hardwire kit comes with a remote mute button, ideally I would LOVE to have one button mute both RDs, does Belscort's mute schematic work on the V1?

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    Default Re: Question about operating V1 & RL together

    I tried running my RL and V1 at the same time for about 20 minutes--that's how long it took for me to become absolutely 100% positive that the V1 caused serious interference with the RL. Basically, there are 7 known false signals (door openers) along the 10-12 miles between home and work, and with the V1 on the RL only alerted to 1 of the seven.

    The Escort Smart Cord will power the V1 fine, but the V1 mute button won't work, so you can't change any settings or mute the V1.

    Due to the mute fuction difference, I would not power them off the same RJ11 cord.

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    Default Re: Question about operating V1 & RL together

    How is the V1 mute wired differently?

    I was actually considering the same, and just splitting the cable.

    (running the two more spread apart though)

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    Default Re: Question about operating V1 & RL together

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaoticZen View Post
    1. Will they interfere with each other being place so close to each other
    Yes. Topic is over noob.

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    Default Re: Question about operating V1 & RL together

    I'm with Swamp on this one.

    You can be fairly certain that the RedLine will not interfere with the V1 but do not expect to get the full range advantage of the RedLine running the two together. The RedLine will leak enough LO emissions during it's periodic self cal sequence that can interfere with the V1, but there is no way to tell how often or for what period of time that takes.

    The only viable way of running a V1 and M3 Belscort together is to make the M3 a remote.

    Ah have two great detectors. You might find the V1 more useful at night when it's difficult to get a visual on the LEO (the arrows are especially helpful in the dark). The RedLine really shines in the twisties and hills where every inch of detection range counts. Out on the open road the nod still goes to the RedLine unless your traveling the Bible belt where QT seems to be more prevalent..........then it's the V1 for sure.



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