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    Default high is the way to go!

    Yeah I was passing a speed trap(k) and turned around to test the high/low theory. I parked my car in the median about half a mile away. A previously had it low(2001 mercury cougar). I took it off the mount and started by my dash. As I slowly start to move it up there was nothing where I had it previously mounted. As I moved it higher I got a k band bar right below my review mirror. As I moved it slowly back down the signal disappeared. Moved it back to right under the mirror and yup, signal again. So high it is! :wink:

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    yup, unless you have laser countermeasures, Veil, jammer, lasershield, then there is no point in mounting it low, cuz by the time you detector screams Laser, hes already got your speed.



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