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    Arrow Protect the receiver ? Lamin-X

    Hi, I have a STI-R custom installed, and I would like to protect my radar receiver from rocks and scratch that could hit it (installed in the bumper). What do you think of this :
    Lamin-X ? Sorry I cannot post the website or image since I don't have enought post.

    Would you take the thick (40mil) or regular (20 mil) Could it affect the performance of the receiver?

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    Try it and see what happens. Go to a known false and stop right near where you get your first alert, take note of where it is. Come back later with your lamin-x on and see if there is a difference.

    People tell me I'm crazy for having my sti-r mounted behind my bumper ( recieves through plastic) and it gets further range than my Redline held out the window.

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    You could just get a small, square piece of polycarbonate and rig it in front of it. I doubt it would affect range at all.



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