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    Default GA trip there and back

    Went to GA last weekend ( and all the info the GA guys gave me was really helpful.

    In Ohio I was running 10 over and I had a guy pass then slow down then pass then stay beside me. What an Idiot! Well he turned into my rabbit, I stayed about 1/4 to 1/2 mile behind for several miles then he took off I kept at my same speed. About 2 miles down the road the cb comes to life about a full grown with a customer at mile marker ###. As I passed it was my rabbit, boy did I have a grin on my face, better him than me!

    The 9500IX and the CB are a great combo had a few saves with both.

    I was on the way home on hwy 92 running 5 over. Bam laser alert twice about 3 seconds apart. There were 2 motorcycle cops in the middle with squad cars as chasers. I figure I picked up some "Laser scatter" from the car in front then when he cleared they hit me. We were both in the left lane and I was slightly to the right center so I was some what hidden behind the front car that's why I was hit twice?

    When I went through Cartersville GA I was watching for leos shooting from the overpass, saw nothing, I guess it was their day off. I did look at most bridges in GA for this and did see some, forget where. Sorry.

    TN and KY were a walk in the park both ways, hardly saw any leos out so I made really good time.

    On the way back in OH the IX alerted me to a speed cam ahead, never saw one (it was on a side street) so does Ohio have these? I thought they didn't. Could of been a glitch or a mis marked spot. Other than that most of the cops out were DOT pulling over trucks.
    I did have a fish for an hr or so, so I started to play with him.
    I sped up to see how fast he would go then slow down to psl to see if he would, he did. The only way I lost him was when I got off to get gas.

    In Michigan I never saw anything both ways.

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    Default Re: GA trip there and back

    Glad you made a safe trip. It is wrong of me, but I love it when a rabbit gets stewed or a follower gets lit up because they drive blind. Stupid drivers gets stupid tickets, speed smart and safely.....



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