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    Default Detecting multiple threats

    Quick question for all of you: How does a detector, such as the X50, detect multiple threats? Here's why I ask:

    There is a CVS pharmacy that I pass daily that always gives me a strong K signal (I detect it about 3/10 mile away). This pharmacy is in the center of Watertown and at a major intersection (three-way intersection). Most of the time when I'm at a red light at this intersection, there will be a cop in the general vicinity with his moving radar on in his car (as they ALWAYS do in Watertown). However, I've found that if the cop running radar is on the road parallel to the pharmacy I will only get one signal instead of two.

    For instance, the other day, I'm rounding the corner, coming to the center of town on the road parallel to the pharmacy. As I round it, BAM, I get a K signal (1/9). 'Wow," I think, this is way too early to be the pharmacy...but, maybe I'm getting a good signal because it's late, there's noone on the road, and there's nothing to obstruct the radars path. However, it immediately starts to get stronger until it's on full alert. Now I know there's a cop approaching me. As I pass the cop, I'm in an area where I would normally get a good signal (2/9 or 3/9) from the pharmacy, but still, only one threat is shown. As the cop passes and gets further away from me, his signal dies out but the signal from the pharmacy sort of blends into the diminishing signal of the cop. In other words, the signal never dies it just gets weaker until I'm only picking up the pharmacy. Never did I get more than one threat on my Expert Meter. This has happened to me other times at this location and I'm wondering why.

    Anybody know why?

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    It's a good bet that if the radar sources are close enough to being on the exact same frequency, the X50 would only display a single threat. As far as how much of a difference in freq would be necessary to be detected as multiple threats, it is difficult to say...

    I would say that even if the motion sensor is just slightly off from the police freq, at close range the higher power police radar would swamp that carrier from the motion sensor so only one threat would be displayed.


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    I guess it depends on the maker of the door sensor at the pharmacy. Last week I had a similar situation. I'm approaching a CVS store and I get a K and 1 dot on the expert meter. I hit the mute button on the smart cord. However, a few moments later I look up and see two threats on the detector. One of them is getting stronger! In my rear view mirror I see a city cop approaching. That taught me a lesson about hitting the mute switch too soon.

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    If I remember correctly I've had 2 X and 1 K at the same time as well as 3 X at another time...

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    Ive had 1 KA, 4X and 2 K at the same time... I believe it was outside of olive garden :roll:



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