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    Ok so I am looking to buy a Radar Detector. I live in Ontario where you are not suppose to have them. What do you think the best choice for me would be. To my knowledge the STi driver would be the best for me but any other ones will be takin to consideration, I just want the best one. Im just gonna have it on until it starts beeping then turn it off that way it is 100% undetectable. Also police have been pulling Tuner cars (I drive one) with mods over and doing "saftey inspections, emission inspection" and all kinds of other nonsense. If they search my car and find a radar detector thats turned off they cant doing anything right? I can just say I use it when I go to Alberta or something. Also where are some spots you guys hide them. Another thing if your caught with one in Ontario that has been detected by police, what are the charges? Can they confiscate your car for "further investigation" or something. Do you loose points on your license? Thanks.
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    if you can find a sti-r or get yourself a Redline
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    I would suggest a Bel STiR +. One of the very best RD's that dosn't leak, has GPS to eliminate falses and is completetly stealth. You do NOT want to get caught with an RD in Ontario.



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