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    Default Utah Highway Patrol in construction zone

    I was going to post this in local area, but this can happen anywhere.

    They are doing a bunch of major construction on I-15 in Utah, and long stretches where the PSL is 55. Everyone is doing minimum 65, up to 75.

    So I'm driving home from work, all 3 lanes moving about the same speed - due to congestion they are doing 55-60. A UHP cruiser is running C/O Ka about 100 yards ahead of me. I'm in the same lane, going the same speed, maybe 60 for a few miles.

    He then turns off his radar for a mile, then back on, and pulls the guy over just ahead of him. At most he was doing 60 during a lane change - probably did not notice the cop behind him. This guy was basically going the same speed as the rest of the crowd. I think this was the LEO picking one out of the crowd, in a 55 construction zone.

    Certainly it could have been for something else, but since he blasted the radar back on, and 15 seconds later lite the guy up - I figured he was just the unlucky one in the group - all going over PSL.

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    Default Re: Utah Highway Patrol in construction zone

    sucks for that guy.

    I'm always a bit amused in construction zones... I will pass several cars while running 20-24 over the PSL of say 70, these cars are doing at most 75ish.

    When I get in the construction zone I slow to around 10 or so over PSL of let's say 55. I slow to with 5 if the workers are actually present (because I believe that when workers are present is one of the only times speed limits actually have to with safety).

    I am now traveling around 60-65 and all those cars I passed who were driving around 5 over earlier are flying by me at around 20 over the reduced construction speed limit.

    I don't get it, 5 over on wide oped interstate, 20 over in construction zone with doubled fines.



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