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    Default Opinions Please...

    I'm more than satisfied with my X50. With that said, would it be in my best interest to go ahead and buy a RX65 and try and sell the X50? I'm just thinking ahead to the KU situation. From what I've read, I don't think I'd be losing anything as far as performance goes with getting the BEL. Or should I just wait and upgrade the X50 when the time comes? Does anyone know how much Escort charges to do an upgrade? Any and all thoughts are appreciated...J

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    What is the KU situation?

    Has anyone verified it being used at all as a ticket generating band anywhere in the USA?

    I would hold on to the Escort.

    If KU becomes a problem, and Escort releases an upgrade, you will probably have a newer version of the software, than if you bought an RX65 and didn't have to upgrade.

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    Here's the scoop on the Ku:

    Quote Originally Posted by Radar Roy
    Ku band radar guns: The new Ku band radar gun that was going to be tested was put off till June. Carl Fors was unable to provide any new information on the new gun because of a confidentiality agreement he has with the manufacture, but this is what is known:

    The exact frequency of the gun will be 13.450

    After the initial testing in June, the manufacture will apply for FCC type acceptance.
    So it looks like if all goes well Ku could be available to police later this year.

    Escort has said that when Ku becomes a threat, they will find a way to address it. X-50 owners will at the very least be stuck with returning their units to the manufacturer for a software upgrade, or additional hardware etc. It would be VERY surprising if this is free.

    V1 and RX-65 already have Ku, you just have to turn it on.

    If you already own an X-50, I don't see any reason to get rid of it now, unless you want to "get the jump" on the situation and sell the X-50 while it still has some good resale value since most people don't know anything about the Ku stuff yet. Otherwise, just hold on to it. Even if Ku is available later this year, that doesn't necessarily mean that police departments around you will be buying them. But I'll bet that part of the marketing on the new unit will be the fact that the majority of detectors on the road can't detect it.


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    Given the state of most localities budgets (read in the red) it will take years before they become commonplace. By the time they do you'll probably be in the market for a new detetector anyway. 8)

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    since you're asking for opinions, here's mine.
    If the only reason for change is ku detection, and nothing else, then i would keep the X50. if it works for you then you're good.
    The jury is still out so to speak on ku. i can't speak for the RX65, but even though the V-1 has ku detection, it doesn't have any filtering on that band, regardless of mode. (i got this from VR in an email).
    My guess is like anything, if ku becomes a threat, there will be upgrades/updates to ALL detectors. the reason i say this, is even though some detect ku, we don't know how well the range is, and since i've picked up a few falses on it, it'll probably get some fine tuning done to it, like the other bands have gotten over the years. a few people here feel they've been hit with ku, but no ku unit has been id'd yet.
    Either way, do what you feel will be best for you.



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