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    Okay I really need some advice here.
    I have spent many hours reading the great info here and really appreciate it, but still cannot figure out which RD will not give false alerts around stores when in town.

    Also, which RD will not be set off by blue tooth or I phone? I MUST have on at all times as I have to be available to clients in crisis.

    Drive Hwy 138 Oregon from Glide to Roseburg. Hwy lots of State troopers & Sheriff. City all the above and local P.D. 30 miles each way many times 2am

    Read the 9500ix locks out the false alerts, but their tech said blue tooth may set it off???
    V1 looks good but worried about heat issues & lack of updates, possibility of closing after patent expires.
    Bel made by same company as escort adds to more confusion!

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    If your main concern is false alerts, then the 9500ix is for you. I have not heard anyone complain about their Bluetooth setting off their 9500ix.

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    Thanks, is this the model that "learns" false alarms as I often forget to turn on my RD after shutting it off in town due to all the false alarms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by totalresults View Post
    Thanks, is this the model that "learns" false alarms as I often forget to turn on my RD after shutting it off in town due to all the false alarms?

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    Also if you travel at 2 am try to find a rabbit to follow in case a LEO is using Instant ON , Quick Trigger, or POP mode. Because your in trouble if you are the only car on the road and they are using any of those.

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    I am familiar with the area that you travel. You should consider a V1. The leo's in your area use everything from X band to laser. You can run the V1 in big L mode and just get used to "falsing". It (falsing) will not be as bad as you may think. There are no rampant heat issues with the V1 and if updates come out, you will know. The rumors of VR closing after their patents expire is just internet heresay. IMHO



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