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    Default is thier a single unit RDD only!!!

    what I want to ask is thier anything out on the market ,(and if not why not?)that is solemy manufactured for detecting RDD's(spetcre III etc etc)

    with all the hype going on about the Bel STi ,it got me thinking what about a unit that will only detect this police used RRD's(spetre's) it could alert hopefully before they detect your RD,then you quickly turn it off or ripp it off your windscreen and chuck it on the seat.

    is thier anything remotely like this out thier or have i missed it completely?

    anyone know anything at all,and please tell me if I atleast make sense.

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    maybee an old cobra detector...I know these are pretty good at detectinga RD

    I would also like to know if there is such a device??

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    Default Cobra

    Cobra has a line of detectors that would have a Spectre I alert, but testing at SML showed that it didn't work very well back in 2003
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