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    Default Pretty good Sti-R rear detection capability

    I was pulling up to a redlight when the Sti-R started alerting to 33.8, which is used by the local cops. After crossing the intersection and going up a little rise in the road I could see there were two cops on the other side, facing away on the right shoulder parked behind a pickup, all nose to tail. After I passed the two cops and the pickup, the Sti-R kept alerting for .7 miles. This was after I had gone over another rise in the road, so I was out of line of sight.

    There was no oncoming traffic, no cars in front of me and no metal signs along the roadside, so nothing to reflect the radar from the front, it just appeared that the Sti-R was picking up the signal directly from the rear. Pretty impressive all in all. I didn't have the V1 turned on, but I doubt it could have done much better.

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    Default Re: Pretty good Sti-R rear detection capability

    Nice, I wish I had one of those sti-r install in my truck.

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    Default Re: Pretty good Sti-R rear detection capability

    All the M3 RD's have great rear detection for a front antenna only.



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