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    Default Those of you running the V1 and Redline together

    I am thinking about setting up like some of you with the redline on the front window and the V1 on the back window. I just have a few questions. How much interference with the Redline still exists and how does the v1 respond for being on the back window? The other rhing I am trying to figure out is how to mount my V1 in the back. If I use the visor clip on the headliner it causes the v1 to point to the ceiling. Anyone try to just use the suction cups? Im looking forward to being able to use the spec mode of the redline combined with the arrows of the V1 as well as still having a bar graph to judge distance as that is what I prefer.

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    Default Re: Those of you running the V1 and Redline together

    While I haven't experienced any interference what little I've run both together, I imagine there will be interference no matter the distance separated.

    The logic I read, is if a Specter can pick up a V1 from 500-900 feet, then a sensitive RD like an STI driver or Redline will pick it up no problem from 6-7 feet. You can run them together and see what happen.

    I hope jimbonzzz doesn't mind me posting this, but this is a great read about running two RD's at a time, and info to help make your decision one way or another.

    Radar Detector Tests and Reviews by Guys of LIDAR

    People frequently ask the question: since the BEL STi Driver does not "leak" then it shouldn't interfere with another detector, right? Actually, the BEL STi does technically still "leak". However, the leakage is so low that there is no detection from today's RDDs (Spectre).

    Consider the following facts:

    * Compared with today's high-end radar detectors, Spectre isn't all that sensitive: it uses the same receiver as cheap "Quintezz" radar detectors sold overseas.

    * The normal operating range for Spectre is well beyond the separation you would have when operating two detectors in the same vehicle.

    So, could there be a problem with operating a radar detector which is more sensitive than Spectre at a distance which is much closer to the STi than the normal operating range for Spectre? We have posed this question to some of the brightest minds in the industry, but there's no clear-cut yes or no answer. The STi still has the potential to interfere.

    Can other detectors interfere with the STi? Definitely.


    My recommendation: don't run two detectors in the same vehicle if you are depending on them for protection. As for comparing performance between two detectors: any results are always going to be questionable if they are obtained when running two detectors together. For unquestionable results, test each detector individually against the radar source. After that, if you want to run both together for demo purposes, go for it. If the results happen to be significantly different than when the detectors were run individually, you'll know why.



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