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    Default Just wondering, dumb question.

    Yesterday I was thinking about something. Say someone takes a good remote display RD, like an STi-R. Now I know when it comes to detectors the higher the better. Well with the remote detectors recievers being installed low in the grill that must lower the performace an little ( Im guessing). Now what if you wired the recievers of the STi-R inside your car on the roofline off the windshield. So its still stealth considering that the only thing you see is a little black reciever hidden behind the tint strip. Would that increase performance or am I putting to much thought into this? lol

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    Default Re: Just wondering, dumb question.

    Your right about putting the antenna down low BUT, I think the tinted strip might be worse . I've allways heard Your RD needs a clear view . It'll be interesting to see some more responses

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    Default Re: Just wondering, dumb question.

    Their have been member that have been getting awesome range with the 9500ci and the sti-r so you might want to do a little more search.

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    Default Re: Just wondering, dumb question.

    I'm pretty sure that up high and behind tint will have a negative effect on laser detection performance. The tint may impact radar detection too depending on the type of tint. If it's a bad type of tint that would negate any performance gain that you might have mounting high.

    But I would combine an STi-R mounted in the grill with a V1 mounted high on the windshield or in the back for the best all-round detection (but after installing a laser jammer first ).

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    Default Re: Just wondering, dumb question.

    I was considering this as well if I ever go with a custom install, you can mount it just infront of the RVM, just below the tint. That would most likely be the best place. Wiring would not be much harder than doing a hard wire job....

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    Default Re: Just wondering, dumb question.

    Members here have tried this. Unless you are in heavy traffic then the results are similar on the M3 remotes for high an low mounting.

    Check out the GOL test with two 9500CIs mounted high and low.



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