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    Default Newbie (here) with new 9500ix

    I am a newbie here, but have been using a RD for MANY years. I think I might have had the first RD series ever made by (then) Cincinnati Microwave. Two days ago I ordered a 9500ix to try out to replace my ancient Escort 5000. It arrived the following day via UPS... super service by Escort and UPS.

    I had also ordered a barrel plug to phone socket interface so I could use my current hard wired connection. The interface was not in the shipping box, but a ball point pen was, so I figure the order-picker is walking around with an interface in his/her pocket and is wondering what happen to the pen. A call to Escort customer service took care of the problem as they put a new interface in the mail today. I should have it tomorrow or Monday.

    I used the visor mount that I had, hoping that the 9500ix could find satellites without a clear view of the sky. Happily it did. I get a lock in about 15 seconds even through the visor and top of the car. I was most impressed, and the mounting is very stealth. One surprise was the size of the RD. It is a LONG piece of gear.

    I did the firmware and data base updates without a hitch, and then went for a test drive powering the RD from the lighter socket. I, naturally, lost all stealth as the coiled cord stretched from the lighter to the RD under the visor.

    I drove to a large shopping mall and the RD went off 3 or 4 times as I passed certain stores. I powered down, and repeated 2 more times reversing direction each time. After 3 passes, the "AutoLearn" function had functioned, and I received no falses. Very impressive.

    I'll be playing with the unit for a few more days to be certain it is all I want, and I'll then send in my old RD for the $80.00 trade in credit.

    I lurked here for a few days gathering information, and I am grateful to all. CJR238's "Explanation of the 9500I & TrueLock info (Tricks)" was/is of great help, so thanks CJR238.

    I am not a RD enthusiast, so I will not be posting much, but I will be reading.

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    Default Re: Newbie (here) with new 9500ix

    Glad you like your 9500ix, its one great unit, and the quiet dally driving is priceless. I absolutely loved all mine.

    I'm glad i could help and the information i provided was usefull.



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