I searched the forums but didn't find much info, it was mostly about the tint strip on the windshield.

I recently got Formula 1 Comfort series tint put on my car, i asked for pinnacle but they accidentally put comfort on. They said they would rip it off and not charge me, but i had to run to court so i didn't have time. The comfort series has metal and dye in it. i've read a lot about these types of tint affecting the range of a radar detector.

I have 35% all the way around, so far i have not noticed any issues with my AM radio, cellphone, GPS, etc. I have only had it for a few days, so i haven't really noticed many issues with my V1. obviously through my windshield it is fine, but will the metallic tint drastically reduce the rear antenna range? I read on a lot of forums that people didn't notice a change, or they noticed a very small change in range.

I have had pinnacle before and had no issues. just wanted to see if i'm going to need to get all this ripped off and pay another 350 for pinnacle.