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    Default Guys of Lidar Laser Video from August is ready

    I know it has been a long wait. There were some hang up's that delayed the DVD being put out. This was not on my end. Those things have been worked out and I have been told we can get them burned and on there way.

    A few things to make note of if you did order a DVD. First I had to make some adjustments on the DVD. In the course of doing that I had to take out the officers interviews. They are audio only. However I will put this up on the web free for everyone of the questions that I asked them. Also I have spent about 60 hours editing this video. It was a lot of work. After I got it all done and began to burn I realized something. If you didn't know whenever you edit a video on the computer it does not appear the same way on a television. I forgot about this and started burning them. However it does not affect the DVD. All it is, is just that some of the letters are cut off on the screen in a few spots and on the edge of the screen in others. Still visible and you can still tell what it is.

    The end of the DVD is PG-13 for a little bit. So, no kids or maybe even your wives around.

    This DVD is 1 hr and about 52min long. I loved watching it again as it brought back memories. I hope you like it. I will be shipping these to Roy.

    Roy if I am missing anything let me know


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    Looking forward to grabbing my own copy. Must support the GoL crew all the way 8)

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    Great news!

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    time to send my money order again cant wait to see them dvds 8)




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