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    Default Anybody Use Blendmount ?

    I'm getting ready to purchase my system consisting of an Escort 9500ix with a LI Quad jammer and I was intrigued with the Blendmount rear view mirror attachment.

    Does anyone have any experience with this mount?

    How will it work if I have a radar detector and laser jammer and you can only mount 1 device ?

    I'm trying to find the cleanest way to install my equipment without a bunch of cables everywhere and having 2 pieces suction cupped to my windshield

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    Default Re: Anybody Use Blendmount ?

    Search it. There are several threads about it, with pics, in the "Show off your Install" section.

    The upshot is that it's a pretty bad idea all the way around. Hardly anyone would recommend it for multiple reasons.

    The laser jammer is just a switch on your dashboard, not something you have to put out in the open, so no worries there.

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    Default Re: Anybody Use Blendmount ?

    I have Mikes Mount on my set-up. I really like it a lot and it keeps my appearance very clean. I have it hard wired in as well.

    I really like how it blends into my mirror. Unfortunately I have heard different opinions about it, 1 being when any LEO pulls you over its smack dab right in their face.



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