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    Default UNINDEN LRD 9000w-1 Manual

    Hi Folks,
    I hope this is the correct location for this qustion, please let me know if its not...
    Anyway, I have just bought an older radar detector ( my First) from fleabay but need a manual for it.
    Can anyone direct me to a pdf or web page where I can discover its functions ect....
    regards james

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    Default Re: UNINDEN LRD 9000w-1 Manual

    You aren't planning on using that are you?

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    Default Re: UNINDEN LRD 9000w-1 Manual

    You might consider investing in something else. That detector is probably 15-20 years old (I vaguely remember it being around in the early to mid 90's)

    Today's detectors offer you far better all-around performance.


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    As fellow members state, that is not a good RD and will give you an false feeling of security if speeding. I had a Uniden with that model range, then I got a V1. The difference in range is unreal. The Uniden unit is slow to respond, weak and will get you a ticket if you speed excessly but it is fun to watch the LEDs......

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    Default Re: UNINDEN LRD 9000w-1 Manual

    Here's the proper directions on how to use a Uniden LRD 9000W:

    1. Call Escort and order a real detector.
    2. Take advantage of their trade-in program. You can get $80 toward your new Escort by sending them the Unidung.

    I had the same detector, and even in 1991 it was pretty lousy. It had NO filtering against falsing, it sets off other detectors like there's no tomorrow and its detection performance is pretty bad as well. It's like today's Cobras, maybe even worse.
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    Default Re: UNINDEN LRD 9000w-1 Manual

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    Default Re: UNINDEN LRD 9000w-1 Manual

    Great, now take that Uniden and throw it as hard as you can at the window of a car with a nice Valentine One, Escort, or Beltronics radar detector...Problem Solved!!



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