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    Guys new to this,
    Now I have been told here in Australia (NSW-SYDNEY) we are ment to have the best radars in the world.
    Like the Australian Goverment make more from speed cameras than they do regos.

    So do you have any info on what system they run and do you have 1 that can beat there system.

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    id go a drive smart GPS when they are developed for you accurate warnings of red and speed cameras as well as laser traps.

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    seriously i am really pissed about the blue bears down here (blue bears are cops that climb trees and get you up high.

    No **** they do it.

    saw one guy in a rock face wearing a beige/sand cloured jacketso he would blend in....didn't see him until i was right next to him.

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    Im also looking to buy a radar/laser detector. I live in South Aust. could any1 give me any reconmendations for what i should buy?
    Is the Cobra 9700 any good?

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    id go the BEL STi, good range and stealth to spectre 3...SA cops use spectre 3

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    If you are looking for radar detectors you have found the right place.

    My advice is keep away from the stealth ninja, the guy is a fraud.

    The new Bel STi is the go for Australia now, it's just been released a few weeks back and the firmware is still being refined, so if you can hold out a few months on the purchase that may be best. Price may come down a little too in that time.

    The bel RX65 is cheaper and has slightly better performance going off the GOL tests carried out last weekend, however as RD's are prohibited in NSW and SA if your RX65 is confiscated then it will turn out to be expensive in the long run.

    KEEP AWAY FROM EBAY at all costs, as these units are oftern seconds or reconditioned units.

    There have been may posts over the last few months about RD's in Australia have a bit of a look through them.

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    I have been using a Rd for the past 15 years in Sydney and once got pulled over because the cop suspected I had a RD.
    I allowed him to search the car, but he had no hope as it is very well consealed. I have been using a custom unit for the past 8 years, made by a guy in sydney. They are not cheap, I think they are now selling for about $1500. They are designed to be put behind the plastic front bar and has no lights or control panel. This RD has saved me $'000's over the years and gives heaps of warning. As cops assume we do not have RD, they tend not to instant on their radars, so I get about 2+km warning.
    The only bummer is the false alarms from auto doors in servos and buildings. I am now in the market for a LIDAR jammer as the LIDARS are hard to spot.
    I do not know about the best radars in the world as I think they are using Kustom Falcons, but I am not 100% sure.
    If you are going to get a RD, make sure it is consealed as a cop driving near you will see a dash mounted unit. I have had a look at the Whistler Cruiser as it looks like a engine gauge and would look quite nice on my dashboard. It would be nice to have some sort of filtering for false alerts.
    If you want the details of the guy in Sydney PM me.



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