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    Default Laser Jammer Laws

    I was reading; and it says something about RADAR jammers being illegal but doesn't really mention anything about LASER jammers. I was wondering, are Laser Jammers Illegal in CA; and is this true for both active and passive jamming such as VEIL.

    Thanks for your help guys.

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    Active laser jammers are outlawed by several states, including CA. Passive countermeasures such as LaserShield are illegal in some places in the respect that there are laws prohibiting devices or substances on your license plate. Does that mean you can't get away with using a jammer? Based on what I've read from other CA forum members it sounds like it can be done with a good install and smart useage. I.e. only jam as long as it takes to get to the limit and then switch it off.

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    In any state a LEO could site you for obstruction if he can reasonably prove it's use, which would ultimately be left to the courts to decide. Brick has it right, get on the brakes and turn the jammer off. I personally would like to see more jammers have the auto off feature. I just want it to buy me a couple of seconds since around here they shoot it at very close range. Veil helps but when hidden and shooting at close range, game over.

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    In CA it is illegal to have a laser jammer, but it is only a fix-it ticket with a maximum fine of $100. That is certainly cheaper than a speeding ticket and the increase to your insurance. :wink:

    I'm willing to bet that if your jammer is reasonably hidden, and you do not jam all the way to the gun that if he does pull you over the LEO will not know what it is.



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