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    Default Which Guns Being Used In Northwest ?

    I'm near the Portland / Vancouver metropolitan area but I live in the country. How can I find out which type of radar / laser guns are being used most in my area to determine which detector would be most sufficient for my needs ?

    Because my car will mainly only be driven for pleasure on weekends and mostly on highways I was leaning towards a Redline or V1 along with an LI Quad jammer. My only concern is if I will go crazy with false alarms and if either one of these detectors would handle that problem any better. I know a lot of people love the V1, but I have read that it has a lot of false alarms. I thought about a 9500ix for eliminating false alarms but I know it doesn't have near the sensitivity that the other 2 have.

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    Default Re: Which Guns Being Used In Northwest ?

    The "Bands by Town" thread should give you that answer.

    I've never used a 9500, so I can't say anything about that. I will say though, the Valentine isn't nearly as chatty as people make them out to be, as far as smaller towns and what not go anyways. If they do happen to be a bit overwhleming in your area, you have the K band muting option. This option quiets the detector down a whole hell of a lot. Read about it.

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    Default Re: Which Guns Being Used In Northwest ?

    Yeah, if you're pleasure driving on the highways, and not as concerned about a daily inner city commute, the false alert thing is a non issue. False alerts are only decreased by the 9500 over an extended period, as it learns the sources on your daily drive. If you aren't driving a regular route, it doesn't give that benefit. And, of course, any time you start filtering out falses, you inevitably filter out the real deal too. Unless you are doing heavy city driving, on a regular route, that's not a risk worth taking.

    The Redline is a hundred bucks more than the V1, with few of the features, and no significant performance edge.

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