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    Default San Francisco Bay Bridge

    Has anyone been hit with a laser blast in the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza? I have a V-1 and at 6:00 AM on a weekday got a short burst of laser I have to wonder was that a false alarm? I was in the carpool lane at the time just beyond the toll boths doing 45 closest to the toll plaza parking lot going towards san Francisco. I am in the "A" logic mode with X and K bands shut off.

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    I unfortuately don't live in Cali.... :cry: :cry: :cry: But I have heard other members of the board say they get laser false alerts at the toll booths, probably from the lights they use to take pics if you don't pay.

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    why is your K band turned off? u'll miss a lot of radar.

    yes, i've heard people on this board talk about false lasers in the toll booths.

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    I am responsible for walking LS2 through reprogramming because LS2 could not figure it out, and yes I agree LS2 has a ticket with his name on it waiting for him in a nearby city.
    LS2 insisted that there is no K band radar but boy is he going to be surprised if he gets out much!
    My 1.7 does not false on toll boths or laser cruise control but when I had my 3.818 it sure did.
    Today they added two more fast track lanes making it seven out of twenty lanes that have fast track.



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